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  • Gary laburay says:

    Hello Dr. Walker –

    I watched your interview with the gentleman from Argosy Casinos.

    What a blessing you give when you speak to us. I know that you are speaking to the world; when you look into the camera I feel as though you are speaking to me, personally.

    I know several people with addictions. I pray for them daily. Thank you for bringing gambling addiction to the forefront. Not many people talk about that particular addiction. You are correct about those that go to the “boat” to gamble when they have family issues or personal issues. Yes, when the money is gone and they didn’t have any winnings, then their woes are doubled, not their winnings.

    I am studying Social Work at Saint Louis University. I would love to somehow connect with you when it is time for my internship. I would love to bring the elders and our youth together through art or special community projects. Both groups would be blessed by each other.

    I also would like to help those that are suffering a terminal illness or help their families cope with the impending death and grief. I have a special talent to help those that are suffering or who are grieving. The Lord has blessed me with this talent and I am hopeful that I can put it to good use through Social Work.

    I won’t take up any more of your time. Thank you for your programs. Thank you for teaching us good nutrition.

    I loved your segment this morning about celery. Love celery. Also good to snack on instead of empty sugar snacks.

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